Media accreditation information for the 102nd ILO International Labour Conference

Media advisory | 17 April 2013
GENEVA – The International Labour Organization (ILO) will hold its annual International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva from 5 to 20 June, 2013. For more details on the ILO Conference programme, please see the ILO web site: /ilc. Please note the programme is being regularly updated.

Media accreditation

Geneva-based correspondents already accredited to the UN

The ILO no longer requires a specific ILC press badge for journalists accredited by UNOG to access the Palais premises of the Conference that are open to the press. They will be allowed into the press gallery by presenting their UN press badge showing a valid date, including during visits of high-level guests.

However, for security reasons, rules remain unchanged for accessing the main floor of the Assembly Hall during visits by high-level guests. These rules do not only apply to the press but to all ILO staff members as well. A specific badge will still be required for those journalists (especially photographers and videographers) wishing to access the main floor of the Assembly Hall during high-level visits. Badges can be requested in advance for each session by contacting the ILO Department of Communication, as in previous years.

Since the ILO will no longer deliver a specific press badge to UNOG-accredited journalists for the ILC 2013, in order to access the ILO headquarters during the Conference, UNOG journalists must go to the R2 North reception area (only) as they normally would when visiting the ILO premises, where they will be given an electronic badge in exchange for an ID (for example a driver's license). The UNOG press badge must be worn visibly at all times while working on the premises of the ILO.
For more information, please contact Hans von Rohland:

For all other correspondents

To obtain accreditation for the Conference, correspondents should complete an Accreditation Form, to be sent by email (, fax (+4122/799-8577) or by post (addressed to ILO, Department of Communication and Public Information, 4 route des Morillons, 1211 Geneva 22, Switzerland).

Journalists should collect their badges upon their arrival at the Accreditation Pavillion located at the entrance to the main building of the ILO, 4 route des Morillons (NOT at the Palais des Nations) on presentation of a valid identity card or passport (with photo), a valid professional press card and a letter of assignment from the Editor-in-Chief of the media concerned. The badges also give access to a specific shuttle bus for visitors and media running between the ILO building (R3 South) and the Palais des Nations where the Conference takes place.

During plenaries, the ILC badge gives access to the press gallery. A specific request should be made to the press office by cameramen and photographers who want to have access to the plenary floor.

For more information on media accreditation, please contact:

ILO Department of Communication and Public Information (DCOMM)