316th Governing Body closure

ILO Governing Body considers bleak economic outlook, calls for focus on jobs and dialogue

The global jobs gap will widen as the world’s economy worsens, says ILO’s Governing Body, as it ends its Autumn session.

Press release | 16 November 2012
The ILO’s Governing Body – the organization’s executive council which brings together workers, employers and governments – has warned that the world economy risks sliding into a period of prolonged low or negative growth that would increase poverty, social unrest and unemployment.

At the end of its two- week meeting at the ILO headquarters in Geneva, officers said that the slowdown could result in “appalling social consequences for workers and in crisis for employers.”

It called for social dialogue at all levels in response to the crisis and for rights in the workplace to be respected. This, it said, was important for recovery and development.

The Governing Body said the ILO should use all possible means to put employment and workplace rights at the centre of the sustainable development agenda after 2015, when the target date for achieving the Millennium Development Goals passes.