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Halt jobs drain, give youth a chance says Spain’s Prince Felipe

Tackling high unemployment and making sure young people can find a job is a priority for Spain.

News | 08 June 2012

GENEVA (ILO News) - The economic crisis is having “painful consequences” for the world of work, Prince Felipe of Spain told delegates to the International Labour Conference in Geneva, and said that measures to halt the destruction of jobs are needed alongside measures to boost growth.

The heir to the Spanish throne stressed that the people of Spain are determined to overcome the current difficulties. “We fully realise that in order to achieve progress, we need to fight actively against unemployment so that our young people can obtain sustainable and decent work.”

“While there is no single solution to tackle the challenge of youth unemployment, it is essential to take an integrated approach which combines macro- and micro-economic interventions and that focuses on supply and demand in the labour market, as well as on the quality of jobs,” said Prince Felipe. 

>> Read the complete speech (in Spanish)

Video highlights of Spanish Prince Felipe's intervention at the 101st International Labour Conference (in Spanish)

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Halt jobs drain, give youth a chance says Spain’s Prince Felipe


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