Kuwait contributes US$500,000 to promote decent work in the occupied Palestinian territory

Kuwait grants ILO half a million dollars to promote Palestinian job creation, social dialogue and social protection.

Actualité | 15 novembre 2011

BEIRUT (ILO News) – Kuwait contributed US$500,000 on Monday (November 14) to support the ILO’s Palestinian technical cooperation programme targeting enhanced job creation, social dialogue and social protection efforts in the occupied Palestinian territory.

The grant was received by ILO Regional Director for the Arab States Nada al-Nashif from Kuwaiti Ambassador Dharar Abdul-Razzak Razzooqi on the sidelines of the Governing Body, which brings together the executive body of the International Labour Office three times a year in Geneva, Switzerland.

The funds signal the continuing commitment of the Government of Kuwait to an effective partnership with the ILO in aid of critical job creation efforts, notably through the Palestinian Fund for Social Protection, support to the establishment of a national Economic and Social council and the capacity building of workers and employers to engage fully in these initiatives.

“This grant is crucial in extending both moral and financial support to our Palestinian Decent Work Agenda,” said Nada al-Nashif, “especially to sustain strategic activities such as legal clinics, and expanding our efforts to strengthen social protection by ensuring a basic set of social rights, services and facilities that help to reduce poverty and inequality and enhance social stability.”

This marks Kuwait’s third contribution to the ILO’s activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, bringing it to a total US$2 million since December 2009.