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The ILO Launches its Home Page on the Internet


Press release | 20 March 1996


GENEVA (ILO News) - The International Labour Office announced today the launch of an ILO World Wide Web "Home Page" on the Internet.

This new and regularly updated service will allow researchers, specialists and all interested citizens around the world to gain instant access to information on the ILO's activities and concerns.

Documents now available "on-line" describe the mandate and history of the Organization, its structures and programmes, provide the full text of the ILO's core Conventions and outline its analysis on such issues as labour standards, employment, working conditions, child labour and women at work. All other ILO Conventions and Recommendations will become available shortly.

All material is available in English, French and Spanish.

Hyper links within the texts allow instant access to additional information. Access to other ILO Sites around the world is just a click away.

The data base including photographs will be progressively expanded.

The Internet address for access to the ILO Home Page is: