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Labour migration: Facts and figures

Labour migration: Facts and figures
  • Globally there are 232 million international migrants around the world.1
  • Most international migration today is related to seeking employment. More than 90per cent of all international migrants are workers and their families.2
  • There are an estimated 740 million people whom migrant internally, in most cases in search for decent employment and better livelihoods4
  • The total number of migrants has risen by 57 million since 2000 and 19% of this increase occurred within the past three years5
  • Currently, the world´s largest corridor of international migration is between the United States and Mexico.3
  • 48 per cent of all international migrants are women, who are increasingly migrating for work.2
  • 21 million people are in forced labour and trafficked globally. Of the total figure, 9.1 million people (44%) moved for work4
  • It is estimated that one in eight migrants are between the ages of 15 and 24.2
  • In 2013, Asians represented the largest diaspora group residing outside their major area of birth.3
  • Migrant workers who borrow money from third parties face an increased risk of being in forced labour.5

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