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    How do workers fare in the gig economy?

    20 May 2016

    A pair of studies by the ILO examines the working conditions of gig economy workers, whose classification as freelancers often leaves them without protection.

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    How to reach a new audience with the bread-and-butter of the ILO?

    13 May 2016

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    Laying the foundations of social justice

    12 May 2016

    The ILO is a UN specialized agency dealing with labour issues. Its main aims are to promote rights at work, encourage decent employment opportunities, enhance social protection and strengthen dialogue on work-related issues. In 1969, the Organization received the Nobel Peace Prize.

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    Can collective bargaining create a fairer economy?

    12 May 2016

    Collective bargaining allows employers, employers’ organizations and trade unions to address work-related issues together and negotiate a collective agreement. A collective agreement typically covers issues such as wages, working time and other working conditions, and outlines the rights and responsibilities of the workers and employers involved.

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    Deceptive recruitment and coercion

    12 May 2016

    Forced labour can take many different forms. Victims are often tricked into jobs where they are paid little or nothing and then cannot leave because they have been manipulated into debt or had their identity documents confiscated. Poverty, illiteracy, discrimination and migration are some of the factors that make workers more vulnerable to forced labour.

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    Tackling sex discrimination through pay equity

    12 May 2016

    Discrimination at work is a violation of a basic human right. Workers may be discriminated against on many different grounds, including their sex, with women being particularly discriminated against with respect to their pay.

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    Child labour in agriculture

    12 May 2016

    Children all over the world are being exploited, prevented from going to school, or pushed into work that endangers their health and normal development. In many regions, child labour is found mainly in agricultural contexts, where fatalities, severe accidents and diseases are common.

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    3 things we’ve learned about impact insurance

    29 April 2016

    For low-income families, access to insurance can mean the difference between a minor financial setback and being plunged into poverty. Here are a few things we’ve learned about the best ways to deliver impact insurance over the past year.

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    Healthcare workers care for us, but who’s caring for them?

    07 April 2016

    China is home to more than one in 10 healthcare workers worldwide. Inadequate occupational safety and health (OSH) awareness and policy expose healthcare workers to high risk of workplace accidents and illnesses, including HIV and AIDS.

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    Reducing inequalities

    ILO: Domestic workers should have the right to rest

    04 April 2016

    ILO publication says domestic workers should enjoy the same right to sufficient rest as other workers.