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June 2001

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    01 June 2001

    Trafficking in human beings is an issue of growing alarm, according to a new report by the International Labour Organization. While no country is untouched, Eastern Europe is facing a particular problem in the loss of its young women. ILO Television reports.

May 2001

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    25 May 2001

    Three years ago, the International Labour Organization adopted a convention against worst forms of child labour, including the use of children in mining, sexual exploitation and domestic work. Now three countries are stepping up the pace to stop child labour. ILO TV reports.

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    13 May 2001

    In South Africa, workers had to struggle to make their voices heard during the long years of apartheid. Even now, the global economy does not make it easy to achieve stability in the workplace. ILO TV shows how freedom of association, and the right to organize at work are the basis of good labour relations and, ultimately, a key to economic growth.

April 2001

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    11 April 2001

    For the estimated 300 million indigenous and tribal people in more than 70 countries around the world, progress often means problems when traditions and technologies clash. But the Hmong hill tribes in northern Thailand, with the help of the International Labour Organization, are fashioning new solutions to developing their ancient culture as a tool to fully participate in modern societies. ILO TV’s Miguel Schapira takes us there.

March 2001

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    23 March 2001

    When we think of retirement, most people think of reaping the rewards of a lifetime of work. But according to a new report from the International Labour Organization, the majority of people may be in for a major shock at the end of their careers. ILO Television explains.

February 2001

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    12 February 2001

    AIDS can no longer be considered as purely a medical problem. Two thirds of the nearly 36 million people infected with HIV are in their most productive years and the implications for the global work force are immense. Because of this, the workplace might just be the best place to deal a crushing blow to the spread of AIDS. ILO Television reports...

January 2001

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    25 January 2001

    The queues for work are longer than ever, while the cues for curbing unemployment seem to go unnoticed in a fast-paced global economy. In the coming decade, there will be 500 million more looking for a job. But where?

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    The shipbreakers (VHS-PAL)

    24 January 2001

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    23 January 2001

    India’s software industry has grown at a phenomenal rate of over 50 percent in the last decade. Trivandum is home to just one of the many software Technology Parks set up by the Indian government that has brought the country racing into the information economy.

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    Decent work deficit in Asia

    15 January 2001

    Asia has been struggling to recover from a financial crisis that rocked the region 4 years ago. But that recovery is on shaky ground as the global economic downturn throws more people out of work and into uncertainty. The International Labour Org. opens a four-day conference in the region to shore up recovery as ILO TV explains.