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July 2012

  1. The Job Crisis in the Eurozone

    11 July 2012

    Austerity policies designed to cut debt in the Eurozone are resulting in a steady rise in unemployment, prolonging and deepening the crisis in the single currency area, according to a report from the ILO, "Eurozone job crisis: trends and policies responses". Unemployment in the Eurozone could reach almost 22 million over the next four years, unless appropriate measures are taken to boost growth and promote job creation.

  2. A green initiative brightens Bangladesh

    02 July 2012

    70% of all families living in Bangladesh’s countryside are not connected to the national electricity grid; the power lines either haven’t reached their villages or the cost of connection is too high for them. But now, with help from the ILO and Australia, and encouraged by the central government some villagers can get low cost solar power as an alternative energy source. And new skills are required to bring solar power to Bangladesh’s villages, which is creating the demand for “green jobs” to get the job done.

June 2012

  1. Ending Child Labour by 2016: the Continuing Challenge

    12 June 2012

    There has been progress in the effort to eliminate the worst forms of child labour worldwide. As a result of international commitments and the ILO convention to eradicate the worst forms of child labour, tens of millions of children around the world are out of work and in school. But as the world gets closer to the deadline in 2016 for the eradication of child labour around the world, the pace of progress is slowing.

  2. Thailand: a healthy society is a productive society

    11 June 2012

    In the ongoing global economic crisis, the need for a "social protection floor" giving everyone access to basic social rights, services and facilities is even more urgent. The tripartite constituents at the ILO's 2012 International Labour Conference are discussing a set of guidelines for building social protection floors. But individual countries are already proving it can work. Thailand's universal health care scheme is based on the idea that only a healthy society can be a productive society.

May 2012

  1. German green initiatives lead worldwide sustainability

    31 May 2012

    The German city of Freiburg is leading the way to more jobs and a greener economy through sustainable initiatives to its construction industry. A recent report jointly issued by the ILO and UNEP, says similar practices adopted worldwide could generate millions of jobs , lift tens of millions of workers out of poverty and reduce greenhouse emissions.

  2. Jobs for youth: lost for years to come

    21 May 2012

    Gains in employment rates for young people have been wiped out by the economic crisis. According to the ILO's Global Employment Trends for Youth 2012, it may take 4-5 years before jobs rebound. In the meantime, many of the 75 million unemployed young people will completely give up looking for work. ILO TV reports from Athens, Greece

  3. Jobs recovery threatened by fiscal austerity

    01 May 2012

    The world needs to create 50 million jobs to return to pre-crisis employment levels, according to the ILO's World of Work 2012 report, but fiscal austerity and tough labour market reforms threaten the scenario for a true jobs recovery.

April 2012

  1. Spanish youth: Facing the job crisis

    25 April 2012

    The global jobs crisis is hitting the younger generation hard. According to the ILO, worldwide over 75 million young people are out of work and the problem is especially acute in countries like Spain that have been hard hit by the Euro crisis.

January 2012

  1. Global Employment Trends 2012

    23 January 2012

    Three years after the global economic crisis devastated markets, wiped out savings, ruined businesses and disrupted the lives of billions of working people, the International Labour Organization’s annual report on global employment has concluded that the deep consequences of the crisis are continuing into 2012. The report also calls for a global response to create hundreds of millions of new, productive jobs in the next ten years.

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