ILO TV and radio facilities

Radio Facilities

The ILO radio studio is equipped to handle interviews via ISDN or business phone for radio broadcasters wishing to record interviews on ILO-related subjects. The use of the studio facilities is free of charge however the cost of the ISDN call is the responsibility of the broadcaster and not the ILO.

Upon request, the ILO can also provide natural sound “audio news releases” for use in creating radio features about ILO-related subjects.

Technical specifications:

  • Equipment: TELOS ZEPHYR
  • Codec settings: G722 mono at 64 kbps/48khz

ILO Radio studio contact numbers:

  • ISDN telephone number: +41 22 799 7058
  • Coordination telephone number: +41 22 799 6487 / +41 22 799 7971

To book radio studio facilities:

Television Studio and Transmission Facilities

The ILO operates a fully-equipped one-camera television studio (teleprompter, ISDN audio, and component and SDI Audio/Video Matrix in PAL-Standard Definition, 4/3 and 16/9) and transmission facilities for unilateral disc feeds in XDCAM (IMX, DVCam, MPEG HD). The use of the ILO’s television studio facilities is free of charge however the transmission charges (uplink, satellite, etc) are the responsibility of the broadcaster. Transmissions are via the Eurovision network, (European Broadcasting Union - EBU). Interested broadcasters should book transmissions directly with Eurovision citing CHILO as origin.

To reserve ILO television facilities:
Tel: +41 22 799 6290
Tel: +41 22 799 7935
Tel : +41 22 799 7971

ILO TV studio contact numbers:
Studio coordination: +41 22 799 6487
Return audio via ISDN: +41 22 799 7058

For satellite bookings please contact Eurovision: +41 22 717 2900 or by email:

Video Editing Facilities

The ILO has fully equipped non-linear HD and SD editing systems (Apple Final Cut Pro 7 and X and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5) available for use by broadcasters wishing to edit and transmit stories related to ILO issues. Video and audio files are available via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), via, and on DVD/CD. The ILO can also provide limited duplication of video files in all formats and codecs. To make a request for video and audio files contact