Youth guarantee schemes: Opportunities and challenges

Listen to a group of experts talk about the benefits of youth guarantees programmes and join in the online discussion.

Date issued: 05 November 2012 |
Youth guarantee schemes - programmes designed to help young people get a job, education or training - can play a key role at a time when more than 75 million youth are out of a job. Listen to a group of experts discuss the benefits of youth guarantee schemes and join in the online discussion until Monday 19 November 2012.

Those participating in the discussion are: Ms Sukti Dasgupta, Head, ILO Regional Economic and Social Analysis Unit; Mr James Sleep, New Zealand Council of Trade Unions; Mr Jan Kreutz, Party of European Socialists; Ms Yuki Honda, University of Tokyo, and Mr Matthieu Cognac, ILO Youth Employment Specialist.

Watch the discussion: "Youth guarantees in Asia-Pacific: Opportunities and challenge"