International Youth Day August 12

B-roll: Vocational training gives young people in Madagascar a way out of gang crime

Sunday, August 12 is International Youth Day and aims to draw attention to the challenges facing the world’s youth. Africa has the youngest population in the world and addressing the issue of youth employment is critical to the sustainable development of the continent. In the scenic port town of Diego-Suarez in northern Madagascar, a project supported by the ILO has helped fight urban violence, enabling young people to learn a trade and leave a life of crime behind.

Date issued: 10 August 2018 | Size/duration: 03:26

Madagascar, shot December 2017
Production date:
August 10, 2018
Natural sound (sound bites in French and Malagasy)
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skills training, youth employment


00:00 – 00:10
Various of Diego-Suarez: street scene with yellow tuk-tuks, statue by the seaside and palm trees, beauty shot of landscape and sea 
00:10 – 00:32
Various of prison inmates in Diego-Suarez (faces blurred) in prison courtyard and in living quarters
00:32 – 00:42
Young men sit by side of street eating khat leaves
00:42 – 00:47
Diego-Suarez police station office, police discuss where to send police patrols
00:47 – 00:52
Commissioner Moratamby closes door to police vehicle to set off on evening patrol, and other police climb into back of green police pick-up truck
00:52 – 00:55
Pan from back seat to front seat where Commissioner Moratamby is sitting in moving police vehicle
00:55 – 01:08
Commissioner Moratamby (in French) :
"Now we’ll deploy patrols by sector. We do that every day to make the town safe."
01:08 – 01:20
Various of music concert, police arrive outside concert hall, singers perform with audience watching, police check people’s bags
01:20 – 02:00
Various of young people at SECREN training centre, in classroom with computers, wearing hard hats and learning how to use tools to repair machinery, doing sport and dancing
02:00 – 02:13
Vial Lucet, SECREN Director (in French):
"The ILO provided the funding needed for theoretical and practical training, and for starter kits once the young people leave the centre.”
02:13 – 02:33
José Pouely, carpenter and former trainee at SECREN repairs fishing boat
02:33 – 02:40 
José Pouely, Carpenter, beneficiary of SECREN training (in Malagasy):
"My father used to build wooden boats, and I wanted to do the same as him.”
02:40 – 02:54 
José Pouely shows boat he has built to man
02:54 – 03:08 
Christian Ntsay, Prime Minister of Madagascar, former ILO Madagascar Director (in French)
“To simultaneously revive investment in Madagascar and give young people access to a profession, to qualifications - that’s what Madagascar has to do today.”
03:08 – 03:26 
Other beneficiaries of SECREN training centre work at auto shop, do metal welding