Youth employment

B-roll: Global Employment Trends for Youth 2017

Despite a significant fall in youth unemployment since the height of the economic crisis in 2009, persistent unemployment and a lack of quality job opportunities continue to hamper young people’s quest for decent work.

Date issued: 20 November 2017 | Size/duration: 01:13

Press briefing in Geneva, Switzerland
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20 November 2017
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Youth employment, youth unemployment,


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Various cutaways of journalists cover press briefing at Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland and cover of report
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Azita Berar-Awad, Director, Employment Policy Department (in English)
“The ILO estimates that globally there are 70.9 million young women and men unemployed in 2017.”
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Azita Berar-Awad, Director, Employment Policy Department:
“There will be a need for digital skills across all economic sectors, and there is a need to invest in really bridging up and bringing this accessibility to learning skills in digital economy for all, who want and need it.”
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Azita Berar-Awad, Director, Employment Policy:
“There isn’t a single bullet, but we are highlighting a number of policies and measures that can be taken that we know they work. ”
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Azita Berar-Awad, Director, Employment Policy:
“Policies thinking already about innovative ways of having social protection for all those who are finding a job or starting a business on the gig economy, through the platform economies, that’s a growing sector including for young people.”