Maps and charts

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  1. Where is unemployment the highest in 2016 ?

    19 January 2016

    In most advanced economies, 2015 was marked by better than anticipated job growth, especially in the United States and some Central and Northern European countries. However, despite recent improvements, unemployment rates remain high in Southern Europe, and unemployment has tended to increase in those advanced economies most affected byhe slowdown in emerging Asian economies.

  2. Which region hosts the largest share of migrant workers ?

    16 December 2015

  3. What percentage of migrant men and women are in the labour force?

    15 December 2015

  4. Where are migrants more likely to be in the labour force than non-migrants?

    15 December 2015

  5. Where are educated workers at greatest risk of being unemployed ?

    16 November 2015

  6. Where does higher education translate into higher productivity ?

    16 November 2015

  7. Youth unemployment rates by region, 1995 and 2005−14

    08 October 2015

  8. Global youth unemployment 1995−2015

    08 October 2015

  9. More collective bargaining means less inequality

    22 May 2015

    This chart compiles data from 30 developed economies to show that in countries in which a higher percentage of workers are covered by collective bargaining agreements, relative levels of wage inequality is lower.

  10. Countries where poverty rates have increased for households headed by temporary/part-time/informal employee

    19 May 2015