Labour Markets, Institutions and Inequality

Where has inequality gone up and where has it gone down?

This chart illustrates that inequality has risen in most countries over the past two decades. It is based on research found in the new ILO volume: "Labour Markets, Institutions and Inequality: Building just societies in the 21st century".

No Change

Source: Standardized World Income Inequality Database, version 4.1

Note: The data compare Gini ratios, a measure of inequality representing the distribution of income among residents of a country, from the early 1990s with early 2010s. When data availability was limited, as is the case in many countries in Africa, a less strict time frame was used. Due to differences in the definitions of income distribution used and data collection methods, the data, across countries and over time, are not strictly comparable, but rather illustrative of general trends.

Disclaimer: The boundaries shown on this map do not imply endorsement or acceptance by the ILO.