4th Conference on Regulating for Decent Work

Session on Domestic Workers' Organizing

This session gives a comparative overview of domestic workers' organizing around the world and provides case studies on Italy and Czech Republic. It also showcases the methodology and results from a study realized in the Netherlands and South Africa on the social security needs of domestic workers, in which domestic workers themselves were empowered as part of the research team.

Audio | 09 July 2015


  • C. Hobden and H. Schwenken: "Session on domestic worker organizing models and strategies: a comparative study”
  • R. Maioni and R. Sarti: “Drawing power from past struggles: the case of Italy”
  • L.M. Heimeshoff: “Historical Legacies: Post-communism, trade unions and organizing domestic workers in the Czech Republic”
  • J.N. Fish: “We want to be the protagonists of our own stories: Domestic Workers as Researchers"
  • Chair: A. Biondi