Press releases

December 2014

  1. © UN Photo/A. G. Farran 2014

    Press release

    Global Migration Group releases new book on youth and migration

    17 December 2014

    Migration and Youth: Challenges and Opportunities offers unprecedented overview of how youth are affected by migration and agenda to achieve triple win.

  2. Press release

    Launch of pioneering new report "Migration and youth: Challenges and opportunities"

    16 December 2014

  3. Social Protection and Social Dialogue

    Seoul Declaration bolsters commitment to expanding social protection and social dialogue

    12 December 2014

    Key actors from around the globe pledge to promote social protection floors through social dialogue.

  4. Supplement to the ILO's Global Wage Report 2014/15

    Asia-Pacific wage growth dynamic but uneven, new ILO report says

    05 December 2014

    The Asia and Pacific Supplement looks at the region in more detail. It includes special sections on Asia’s garment sector, China’s private enterprises, Thailand’s manufacturing sector, India’s rural workers and the Pacific Island countries.

  5. Press release

    ILO and UNCTAD renew their partnership for development

    04 December 2014

    ILO an UNCTAD signed a Memorandum of Understanding to deepen their collaboration on trade and employment related matters.

  6. Press release

    ILO, UNWTO to promote reliable and comparable statistics on tourism employment

    04 December 2014

    Improving the measurement of employment in tourism is critical to support decision making in a sector which represents nine per cent of global GDP and is a proven tool to advance sustainable development.

  7. Partnership

    Germany increases support to the ILO's fight against child labour

    03 December 2014

  8. Media advisory

    ILO wages expert to host Q&A on Reddit

    02 December 2014

    ILO economist Patrick Belser will host an “Ask Me Anything” event on the social network Reddit to answer users’ questions about the ILO’s recently-released Global Wage Report. The event will take place on Monday 8 December at 16.00 GMT.

  9. Media advisory

    ILO forced-labour expert to host Q&A on Reddit

    02 December 2014

  10. Media advisory

    ILO to support Faith Leaders’ Universal Declaration Against Slavery

    02 December 2014