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September 2014

  1. Press release

    ILO: Good safety is good business

    23 September 2014

    ILO Deputy Director-General, Gilbert Houngbo says being able to earn a living in safe and healthy workplaces is a basic human right that needs to be ensured and is a win-win for workers and businesses, at the 7th China International Forum on Work Safety in Beijing.

  2. Media advisory

    ILO to launch new report on Spain in Madrid

    23 September 2014

  3. National Trade Union Forum

    Building trade union unity and solidarity in Mauritius

    18 September 2014

    At a national forum on challenges of employment, gender mainstreaming and trade union unity, ACTRAV argues for greater unity efforts.

  4. 18th American Regional Meeting

    ILO to host 18th American Regional Meeting in Lima, Peru

    16 September 2014

    Representatives of 35 countries from the Americas will meet from 13 to 16 October, including Ministers of Labour, workers' and employers' organizations.

  5. Informal Economy and Gender Equality

    Empowering African women to break out of informality

    16 September 2014

    Promoting women’s empowerment as one way to facilitate transition from the informal to the formal economy and address a major development challenge worldwide.

  6. Employment policy in the Middle East and North Africa

    Arab Labour Conference attendees meet to discuss policy solutions as youth unemployment soars

    15 September 2014

    Talks aimed at adopting policies which foster entrepreneurship and skills development in North Africa and the Middle East

  7. Corporate social responsibility

    ILO and H&M sign unique agreement on sustainable global supply chains in the garment industry

    15 September 2014

    New partnership will address industrial relations, wages, capacity building for social partners and skills development in global supply chains of the garment industry.

  8. G20 Labour and Employment Ministers meeting - Melbourne

    ILO Director-General welcomes G20's ambitious commitments to promote decent jobs

    11 September 2014

    Guy Ryder has welcomed commitments made by the G20 Ministers to tackle the global jobs crisis with a package of measures to support the creation of decent jobs that can lift working families out of poverty and drive sustainable development.

  9. Joint report by the ILO, the OECD and the World Bank Group

    G20 faces persistent gaps in employment and job quality

    09 September 2014

    The ILO, along with other international organizations - including OECD, IMF and the World Bank, have produced a number of reports on employment issues that have been prepared to inform the labour ministerial discussions. These reports help identify policy gaps where actions will have the most impact.

  10. Media advisory

    ILO Director-General to attend G20 labour ministers meeting

    08 September 2014

    The G20 Labour and Employment Ministerial meeting will be hosted by Australia's Minister for Employment. It will be attended by Labour and Employment Ministers from G20 participant countries, the European Union and leading international organisations, including the ILO, the OECD, the IMF and the World Bank.

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