Press releases

March 2015

  1. Press release

    Lao PDR could overcome least developed country status with AEC says new report

    27 March 2015

    The ILO will host a meeting in Vientiane, Lao PDR on 25 March 2015 on ASEAN Community 2015: Managing Integration for Better Jobs and Shared Prosperity - National Policy Dialogue

  2. Social dialogue

    ILO welcomes Fiji tripartite agreement on labour relations

    25 March 2015

  3. ILO Partnerships

    Members of g7+ to discuss creating jobs for peace through Fragile-to-Fragile Cooperation

    24 March 2015

    ILO and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung to take part in Brussels meeting on Fragile-to-Fragile Cooperation between countries moving into sustainable development

  4. Africa CEO Forum

    African CEOs commit to achieving zero HIV-related discrimination at work and promoting voluntary and confidential counselling and testing

    16 March 2015

    A new ILO-UNAIDS publication captures the commitment of business communities from around the world to scale up the response to HIV in Africa.

  5. © Munir Uz Zaman / AFP 2015


    Progress and achievements to date

    09 March 2015

  6. ILO-UNDP High-level meeting sponsored by Germany and Moldova

    Strengthened capacities, effective institutions critical for successful implementation of the post-2015 development agenda

    02 March 2015

    The Global Dialogue launched in 2014 by the United Nations Development Group, which resulted in calls from around the world for more responsive governance and better public service provision, concluded with this high-level meeting organized by the ILO, UNDP, Moldova and Germany.

  7. Partnership

    United States and Viet Nam launch joint programme with ILO to combat child labour

    02 March 2015

    On 4 December 2014, an ILO project was approved to combat child labour in Viet Nam, based on a donation from the United States Department of Labor of US$ 8 million and US$ 1.2 million from the Government of Viet Nam.

February 2015

  1. International Women’s Day 2015

    ILO to issue an update on progress made on gender equality in the world of work and a working paper on the motherhood pay gap

    26 February 2015

  2. Press release

    Indonesia to adopt policy recommendations on decent work and sustainable development

    24 February 2015

    Government, employer and worker representatives, academics and other relevant stakeholders from Indonesia reviewed lessons learned and adopt policy recommendations on decent work and sustainable development.

  3. © Tabitha Ross/ILO 2015

    Press release

    New study sheds light on plight of working street-based children in Lebanon

    16 February 2015

    Study is the first of its kind to comprehensively profile the size and magnitude of street-based child labour in Lebanon