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  1. Video

    CNN awards ILO TV with "Best Business Report 2008"

    11 July 2008

    The ILO TV story "Child Trafficking in Burkina Faso" has won the 2008 CNN World Report Award for "Best Business Report". Selected from over 70 nominations from more than 40 contributors, the report highlights ILO efforts to prevent children from being trafficked in Burkina Faso.

  2. Video

    Empowering Ghanaian people in business

    25 May 2008

    ILO TV reports for CNN World Report from the coast of Ghana, where an ILO project is helping informal businesses to become more formal and give workers access to social protection.

  3. Video

    Banking for women in Sri Lanka

    11 May 2008

    Rupa Manel Silva is tackling poverty in Sri Lanka with a bank for women. ILO TV reports for CNN World Report.

  4. Audio

    Philippines radio show discusses employment trends for women in South East Asia and around the world

    07 March 2008

    With the release of a new report on "Global Employment Trends for Women 2008", Radio Veritas in the Philippines interviews the Director of the ILO Subregional Office for South-East Asia and the Pacific, Linda Wirth.


  1. Video

    BBC's World Business Report focuses on productivity

    04 September 2007

    BBC's World Business Report talks about labour productivity and other Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM) with Lawrence J. Johnson.

  2. Video

    CNBC World Business reports on child labour

    27 July 2007

    CNBC's World Business programme talks with the ILO expert Frank Hagemann and reports on global efforts to eliminate child labour.

  3. Video

    Leman Bleu TV discusses ILO Global Report on Discrimination

    15 May 2007

    Leman Bleu TV talks to Zafar Shaheed about how Switzerland is faring in its efforts to eliminate discrimination in the workplace.

  4. Video

    Afghanistan: Women Entrepreneurs

    29 April 2007

    More than two decades of conflict have crippled Afghanistan’s economy. But some Afghan women are taking their handicraft skills to the market and playing an active role in the country’s reconstruction and development.

  5. Video

    ABC News: Child soldiers in Uganda

    28 April 2007

    The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports from Northern Uganda where thousands of children have been forced to labour as child soldiers.

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