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  1. ILO in the media

    ILO Child Labour Expert Lars Johansen Interview with Telesur TV (in Spanish)

    05 July 2010

    Lars Johansen , the ILO’s specialist on child labour for Latin America, talks to Venezuela's Telesur TV about efforts to eliminate the worst forms of child labour in Latin America.

  2. ILO in the media

    Venezuela's Telesur TV Interviews ILO Expert Helmut Schwarzer (in Spanish)

    25 June 2010

    Helmut Schwarzer, the ILO’s specialist on Social Security for Latin America, talks to Telesur’s Ibraham Istillarte about the social security situation across the region and around the world, as well as the social impact of the global economic crisis and the need for a social protection floor for all.

  3. ILO in the media

    Al Jazeera Interviews ILO Child Labour Expert Frank Hagemann

    12 June 2010

    Al Jazeera interviews ILO Child Labour Expert Frank Hagemann on World Day Against Child Labour June 12, 2010 to discuss international efforts to eliminate the worst forms of child labour by 2016.

  4. ILO in the media

    World Cup Jobs in South Africa

    12 June 2010

    ILO TV reports for CNN World View about job opportunities in South Africa created by the World Cup and efforts to make sure they are sustainable long after the football championship is over.

  5. ILO in the media

    CNN Interviews Juan Somavia: Jobs Recovery May Be At Risk

    02 June 2010

    On the CNN programme "Quest Means Business", journalist Richard Quest interviews ILO Director-General Juan Somavia about the employment outlook for 2010 within the context of the recent debt crisis and deficit reduction measures.

  6. ILO in the media

    No Recovery Without Jobs Recovery - BBC Interviews Juan Somavia at the World Economic Forum

    27 January 2010

    The ILO Director-General Juan Somavia called for the same political impetus that was given to saving the banks to be applied to jobs. He spoke to the BBC's Tanya Beckett at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.


  1. ILO in the media

    Jobs Crisis is Far From Over: A CNN Interview with Raymond Torres

    07 December 2009

    Raymond Torres warns of the risks of not taking the jobs crisis seriously, in an interview with CNN journalist Richard Quest. Director of the ILO's International Institute for Labour Studies, Raymond Torres is author of the report "The World of Work 2009, The Global Jobs Crisis and Beyond".

  2. ILO in the media

    Employment in Latin America: A CNN Interview with ILO Director-General

    05 October 2009

    In a CNN interview with Luis Carlos Velez, ILO Director-General, Juan Somavia, talks about the employment situation in Latin America. (in Spanish)

  3. ILO in the media

    Carabinieri Fight Human Trafficking in Italy

    23 June 2009

    Aired on CNN World Report, ILO TV travels to Italy where a special unit of the Carabinieri is tracking down perpetrators of human trafficking and forced labour.

  4. ILO in the media

    Concentrate, Concentrate on Jobs

    17 June 2009

    Richard Quest of CNN's "Quest Means Business" discusses the Global Jobs Pact with ILO Director-General Juan Somavia during the Global Jobs Summit

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