The ILO at Work: Results 2014-2015

The five flagship programmes

Five major global development cooperation programmes have recently been established following the recommendation of the field review of 2014. Such large-scale programmes offer greater potential for sustained impact as well as visibility and economies of scale, and the programmes address areas where demand expressed by constituents is very strong, for example in Decent Work Country Programmes. The programmes have major potential to mobilize donor support.

The five flagship programmes: what they are and how they work

The ILO's five flagship programmes are major, global development cooperation programmes that have been created or revamped to address areas where demand from constituents is very strong. They are  —
  • Better Work
    60 million women and men across the developing world rely on the garment industry for their livelihoods. Better Work implements a twofold strategy to promote compliance with national law and international labour standards in global garment and footwear supply chains to counter unsafe and exploitative labour practices.
  • International Programme on the Elimination of Child and Forced Labour (IPEC+)
    IPEC+ is the ILO’s response to the persistent global challenge of eradicating child labour and forced labour. Today, 168 million girls and boys are in child labour. 5.5 million children are among the 21 million victims of forced labour around the world. IPEC+ works through country-based action – supported by regional and global components.
  • Occupational Safety and Health Global Action for Prevention (OSH- GAP)
    The OSH-GAP programme aims to contribute to the creation of a global culture of prevention and to reduce the incidence of work-related deaths, injuries and diseases. The programme focuses on improving the health and safety of workers in small and medium-sized enterprises in priority sectors, with a special priority for women and men working in conditions that make them particularly vulnerable.
  • Jobs for Peace and Resilience
    The JPR flagship programme is an employment-generation programme for conflict affected and disaster prone countries. With a focus on young women and men, it helps reduce risk of social and political instability and contributes to peace building, national reconciliation, social cohesion and greater resilience. The ILO will extend its services – through JPR – to 10 selected countries over the next 5 years.
  • Social Protection Floors
    Today, 5 billion people are not covered at all or only partially so by social protection. The Programme is geared towards more coordinated and integrated action and aims to support the implementation of tailor-made and functional SPFs in 21 target countries, while also supporting the global campaign on Social Protection Floors.