XXIInd Meeting of European Labour Court Judges (Dublin, Ireland)

The XXIInd meeting of European Labour Court Judges is hosted by the Labour Court of Ireland on 15 – 16 September 2014.

Topics discussed:

“Review of national case law on the impact of Information Technologies (IT) on employment and industrial relations”

“Collective agreements in case of transfer of enterprise”

Organizing Committee members:

Judge Kevin Duffy, Labour Court of Ireland;

Judge Steve Adler, former President of the National Labour Court of Israel;

Judge Mario Eylert, Federal Labour Court of Germany;

Judge Mercédesz Kádár, Labour Court of Hungary;

Judge Jorma Saloheimo, President of the Labour Court of Finland;

Judge Niels Waage, Vice-president of the Labour Court of Denmark;

Angelika Muller, Governance and Tripartism Department, ILO.