ILO-AICESIS Conference

The governance of the digital economy: the critical role of social dialogue through ESC-SIs

The International Labour Organization (ILO), the International Association of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions (AICESIS) and the Economic and Social Council of Romania are jointly organizing a conference on “The governance of the digital economy: the critical role of social dialogue through ESC-SIs”.

The event will bring together tripartite representatives of economic and social councils and similar institutions(ESC-SIs) from all regions and experts from the ILO and other international organizations, such as the World Bank and UNCTAD. In view of fostering discussion at the conference, academic presentations by researchers from the University of Geneva and University of Oxford will be delivered. A background paper on “Social dialogue and the governance of the platform economy: Understanding challenges, shaping opportunities” has been prepared for the conference. The paper identifies the main implications of digital labour platforms and explores a number of key challenges and opportunities pertaining to its governance. The analysis explores how social partners are adjusting to the new challenges, looking particularly at the key role of ESC-SIs have to play within the governance of the platform economy. The conference participants are invited to examine the roles, challenges and opportunities of social dialogue institutions in the digital economy and digital labour platforms, including in relation to promoting equal and inclusive societies, and share their own experiences and good practices.