G20 Virtual Leaders’ Summit

ILO Director-General’s talking points to the G20 Virtual Leaders’ Summit

Statement | 22 November 2023
Prime Minister, Excellencies,

I congratulate the Indian Presidency on your leadership.

The world faces a global jobs gap of 453 million people in 2023, and rising inequality, insecurity and vulnerability.

So we particularly welcome the action-oriented New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration.

The ILO assures you of our commitment to take forward your recommendations, and of our support for the incoming G20 Presidency of Brazil.

In particular, the ILO will follow up regarding:
  • First, India’s efforts to achieve universal social protection systems, and the international portability of social security benefits.
  • Second, our commitment to address global skills gaps; to extend the coverage of our skills databases to all G20 countries and beyond; and to develop an international classification of occupations that can serve as a basis for the mutual recognition of qualifications across the G20.
Our work on skills is all the more urgent, because workers stand to be hit by a double impact both of climate change, and of new technologies such as A.I.

Workers will need new skills in order to adjust and to thrive in the face of those tough transitions ahead, and the ILO looks forward to providing our assistance to the G20 in that regard.

Thank you.