Workers' rights

ILO calls on Cambodian government to end violence

Statement | 28 January 2014
The ILO is deeply disturbed by the continuing violence in Cambodia, including reports of another crackdown on protesting workers on Sunday, 26 January.

The ILO urges all parties to refrain from further violence, and to take all steps necessary for the release of the trade union leaders and workers detained for having participated in the strike over the minimum wage.

The ILO reiterates its earlier call for the Government to launch an independent inquiry without delay to determine the circumstances of police action and the deaths, assaults and arrests of workers during strike action earlier this month. The inquiry should determine responsibilities and punish those responsible where appropriate, as well as outline the steps to prevent the repetition of such acts.

The ILO stands ready to provide assistance to all parties to work towards the resolution of this conflict through dialogue.