Labour rights

ILO Director-General expresses concern over the situation in Tunisia

Press release | 07 December 2012
The Director-General of the International Labour Office (ILO) expresses deep concern over the recent events which have occurred in Tunisia, in particular acts of violence against trade union leaders and members, and against the premises of the Tunisian General Union of Labor (UGTT).

The Director-General emphasizes that workers’ and employers’ organizations cannot exercise their rights in a climate of violence, pressure or threats against their leaders or members. It is essential that governments guarantee respect of this principle andensure that, in the event of violation, an independent judicial inquiry is promptly instituted with a view to fully clarifying the facts, determining responsibility, punishing those responsible and preventing the repetition of such acts.

The Director-General also calls on the Tunisian authorities to make every effort in the future to guarantee the free exercise of trade union rights in the country as the basis for effective social dialogue through which a negotiated and stable solution to the present crisis could be found, and to take particular care to ensure that the general protest action announced by the UGTT for 13 December takes place freely and without incident.