ILO's five flagship programmes

The ILO has integrated many of its existing technical projects into five flagship programmes, designed to enhance the efficency and impact of its development cooperation with constituents on a global scale.

  • Better Work improves working conditions and competitiveness of firms in the global garment and footwear industry. The programme provides incentives for firms to improve their compliance with labour standards and helps national constituents to play a stronger role in governing their labour markets.
  • The Programme on Social Protection Floors (SPFs) for All acts to extend social protection to the 5 billion people who are partially covered or living without social protection and the dignity it affords.
  • IPEC+ aims to provide robust, evidence based policy advice for countries working to eliminate forced labour and child labour.
  • The Global Action for Prevention on Occupational Safety and Health (GAP-OSH programme) aims to improve the health and safety of workers in small and medium sized enterprises through fostering a global culture of prevention.
  • The Programme on Jobs for Peace and Resilience focuses on employment generation, especially for young people, in conflict affected and disaster prone countries.