Ending HIV/AIDS discrimination at work

There are currently 35 million people living with HIV everywhere in the world. Over half of them do not know their status. Those who do, often face stigma and discrimination at work and in their everyday lives.

Getting tested early means gaining access to the treatment needed to continue to lead healthy and productive lives.

The ILO has partnered with artists and athlets works to end HIV-related discrimination at work and promotes voluntary testing and counselling through the workplace.

This is My Story

  1. Artists worldwide give voice to people living with HIV/AIDS

    Actors Kavi Ladnier, Ratidzo Mambo and Junes Zahdi joined the ILO's “Voice of the Voiceless” initiative to give voice to people living with HIV/AIDS who are not able to tell their own stories.

  2. Olympic Gold Medallist Greg Louganis shows his support

    Olympic diver Greg Louganis shared his own personal story on living with HIV and showed his support for the ILO's work to end HIV-related discrimination in the workplace.


  1. Actress Mariana Renata lends her voice in support of HIV testing at work

    Mariana has given voice to Yohana, a plantation worker who discovered she was HIV-positive after getting tested at work. With her manager’s support Yohana kept her job and is receiving treatment.

  2. ‘End AIDS-related discrimination at work’ – Sharon Stone

    To mark World AIDS Day, 2015, Actress Sharon Stone voices the true story of Oleysa, discriminated against in her workplace because she is HIV positive.