Selected ILO publications on equality, pay equity and non-discrimination

Remove the obstacles! On the right track to equality - Gender equality at the heart of decent work, Campaign 2008-2009

ABC of women workers' rights and gender equality

A comparative analysis of promoting pay equity: models and impacts

Action against Sexual Harassment in Asia and the Pacific

An Information Guide - Preventing Discrimination, Exploitation and Abuse of Women Migrant Workers

Beyond Glass Ceilings and brick walls: Gender at the workplace

Breaking through the glass ceiling. Women in management (Updated version in 2004 included)

Case study on gender related challenges among the indigenous peoples in Bangladesh

Decent Working Time. New trends, new issues

Eliminating discrimination against indigenous and tribal peoples in employment and occupation

Employers’ Organizations taking the lead on gender equality: Case studies from 10 countries

En el núcleo de las discriminaciones: mujeres indígenas en América Latina – Spanish only

Equality at work: Tackling the challenges. Global report under the follow-up to the ILO Declaration on fundamental principles and rights at work. Report of the Director-General, 2007

Facts on Discrimination against Migrants

Brochure - Formula for Progress: Educate both girls and boys!

Fundamental rights at work and international labour standards

Gender Equality: A guide to collective bargaining

Gender Equality and Decent Work - Selected ILO Conventions and Recommendations that promote Gender Equality as of 2012

Modular package on gender, poverty and employment: Facilitator’s kit

Global employment trends for women

Guide to mainstreaming gender into technical cooperation projects on social dialogue

The ILO at a glance

ILO Decent Work Country Programmes: A Guidebook

The Informal Economy: Enabling transition to formalization, Background paper for the Tripartite Interregional Symposium on the Informal Economy: Enabling Transition to Formalization

International Labour Standards on Migrant Workers’ Rights: Guide for Policymakers and Practitioners in Asia and the Pacific

Negociação coletiva e igualdade de gênero na América Latina – Portuguese only

Promouvoir l’équité salariale au moyen de l’évaluation non sexiste des emplois: guide de mise en oeuvre – French only

Reconciling work and family responsibilities. Practical ideas from global experience

Skills Development through Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

Time for equality at work. Global report under the follow-up to the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Report of the Director-General, 2003

Voices of Women Entrepreneurs in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia

Brochure - Breaking gender barriers for young women and men