Decisions on the 17th item on the agenda: Report of the Committee on Technical Cooperation

Record of decisions |

The Governing Body took note of the introductory part of the report. (GB.300/17, paragraphs 1–6.)

I. The ILO’s technical cooperation programme 2006–07

The Governing Body:

(i) encouraged the Director-General to further strengthen technical cooperation in all regions with emphasis on Africa and least developed countries, resource mobilization, and effective delivery;

(ii) confirmed that the ILO should continue to play its role in contributing to the UN system’s efforts to maximize coordination, coherence and relevance of operational programmes; and

(iii) requested the Director-General to further integrate the International Training Centre of the ILO, Turin in the delivery of the ILO’s technical cooperation programme.

(GB.300/17, paragraph 35.)

II. Implementation of Decent Work Country Programmes

The Governing Body called upon the Office to take into account the comments and observations made by the Committee on Technical Cooperation during its current session; and to provide to its future sessions, on a regular basis, status reports highlighting the formulation, content, implementation, outcomes and impact of Decent Work Country Programmes in so far as technical cooperation is concerned.
(GB.300/17, paragraph 60.)

III. Resource mobilization for technical cooperation: Implementation report

The Governing Body took note of this part of the report. (GB.300/17, paragraphs 61–69.)

IV. Follow-up to the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work: Technical cooperation priorities and action plans regarding the elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation

The Governing Body endorsed this second plan of action on the principle and right of the elimination of discrimination, and requested that it be kept informed, through the Committee on Technical Cooperation, of the implementation of the activities proposed. (GB.300/17, paragraph 81.)