Decision concerning the composition, agenda and programme of standing bodies and meetings

Record of decisions | 24 March 2022
The Governing Body, upon the recommendation of its Officers:

(a) approved the scope of the meeting of experts on decent work in the platform economy contained in paragraph 3 of document GB.344/INS/18(Rev.1);

(b) approved the new dates for its tripartite working group on options to ensure decent work in supply chains indicated in paragraph 5 of document GB.344/INS/18(Rev.1);

(c) authorized the Director-General to issue an invitation to the organizations listed in the appendix to document GB.344/INS/18(Rev.1), it being understood that it will be for the Conference to consider their requests to participate in the work of the committees dealing with the agenda items in which they have stated a special interest, and to inform the organizations concerned that they may nominate one person only for each of the agenda items in respect of which their interest has been recognized;

(d) endorsed the proposals made in relation to the invitation of intergovernmental and international non-governmental organizations as observers to the other official meetings listed in the appendix to document GB.344/INS/18(Rev.1); and

(e) took note of the programme of meetings contained in Part II of document GB.344/INS/18(Rev.1), subject to regular review depending on the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic.

(GB.344/INS/18(Rev.1), paragraph 11)