Labour migration

This document reviews the changing landscape of international labour migration, the ILO response and comparative advantage, and the ILO’s contributions to global debates and initiatives since the general discussion on migrant workers at the 92nd Session (2004) of the International Labour Conference. It puts forward some suggestions regarding how to raise the profile and influence of the ILO in global discussions relating to migration, with a view to providing policy space for the ILO’s constituents in the area of labour migration. In the light of the United Nation’s 2013 High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development and its follow-up, the Governing Body is invited to give guidance on actions to be taken and the ways in which the Office should work with the representatives of governments and of employers’ and workers’ organizations to strengthen the ILO’s role in international labour migration (see the draft decision in paragraph 20).

Conference paper | 09 October 2012