365th Report of the Committee on Freedom of Association

The Committee on Freedom of Association set up by the Governing Body at its 117th Session (November 1951), met for its 316th Session at the International Labour Office, Geneva, on 1, 2 and 9 November 2012, under the chairmanship of Professor Paul van der Heijden.

Conference paper | 14 November 2012
Currently, there are 181 cases before the Committee, in which complaints have been submitted to the governments concerned for their observations. At its present meeting, the Committee examined 32 cases on the merits, reaching definitive conclusions in 21 cases and interim conclusions in 11 cases; the remaining cases were adjourned.

The Committee considers it necessary to draw the special attention of the Governing Body to Cases Nos 2318 (Cambodia), 2516 (Ethiopia), 2664 (Peru), 2723 (Fiji) and 2906 (Argentina), because of the extreme seriousness and urgency of the matters dealt with therein.