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October–November 2022

Legal issues and International Labour Standards Section (LILS)

Agenda and documents

International Labour Standards and Human Rights Segment

  1. 1

    Report of the seventh meeting of the Standards Review Mechanism Tripartite Working Group (Geneva, 12–16 September 2022) (GB.346/LILS/1)

  2. 2

    Choice of Conventions and Recommendations on which reports should be requested under article 19, paragraphs 5(e) and 6(d), of the ILO Constitution in 2024 (GB.346/LILS/2)

  3. 3

    Report of the fourth meeting (Part II) of the Special Tripartite Committee established under the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, as amended (5–13 May 2022), submitted by the Chairperson of the Committee, in accordance with article 16 of the Standing Orders of the Special Tripartite Committee (GB.346/LILS/3)