Decision concerning the agenda of the International Labour Conference: Arrangements for the 109th Session of the Conference (2021)

Record of decisions | 27 March 2021
The Governing Body:

(a) endorsed the general framework for the 109th Session of the Conference as described in paragraph 3 of document GB.341/INS/3/2, noting in particular the need to have, to the extent possible, similar and decent participation conditions, taking into account different connectivity standards and time zones;

(b) decided to retain the following items on the agenda of the 109th Session of the Conference in addition to those listed in paragraph 4 of document GB.341/INS/3/2:
IV. Inequalities and the world of work (general discussion);

V. Recurrent discussion on the strategic objective of social protection (social security);

VI. Skills and lifelong learning (general discussion);

(c) decided to convene the 109th Session of the Conference over three separate periods as follows:

(i) A one-day opening sitting will be held on Thursday, 20 May 2021 to elect the Officers of the Conference, appoint its standing and technical committees and approve any adjustments to its Standing Orders and working methods, as may be necessary in view of the virtual format of the Conference.

(ii) The Conference will be reconvened from 3 to 19 June 2021 to deal with all agenda items except items IV and VI. During this period, the Conference will establish two working parties to deal with items IV and VI of the Conference agenda over a two- and-a-half week period, on dates to be determined by a Governing Body ballot by correspondence;

(iii) The Conference shall be reconvened for a sitting of the plenary to adopt the reports and conclusions of the working parties responsible for items IV and VI and close the 109th Session.

(d) noted that group meetings and preparatory committee meetings may be held between the opening sitting of the Conference on 20 May 2021 and the formal commencement of its work on 3 June 2021;

(e) decided that the 342nd Session of the Governing Body would be held on Friday, 25 June 2021, including for the election of the Governing Body officers for the period June 2021–June 2022, and to this effect decided to suspend the provisions of paragraph 2.1.3 of the Standing Orders of the Governing Body to the extent necessary to permit the election at the 342nd Session of the Officers of the Governing Body to take place before the close of the 109th Session of the Conference;

(f) requested the Office to finalize as a matter of priority, through tripartite consultations, the special procedures, programme and arrangements for the 109th Session of the Conference, including a detailed outline on the drafting process of the COVID-19 response and its adoption during the session, for adoption by correspondence by the Governing Body no later than April 2021; and

(g) invited all parties concerned to examine as a matter of priority, through the informal tripartite consultations on the working methods of the Committee on the Application of Standards, for adoption by the Committee, the prioritization of its work and adjustments of its workload, taking into account the discussions that took place in the Governing Body.

(GB.341/INS/3/2, paragraph 11, as amended by the Governing Body)