340th Session of the Governing Body

Decision on the resolution concerning maritime labour issues and the COVID-19 pandemic

Record of decisions | 08 December 2020
Having received a draft resolution submitted jointly by the Workers’ and the Employers’ groups concerning maritime labour issues and coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the Governing Body, in light of the importance of the matter, decided to refer it to the Screening Group for consideration as a matter of urgency in consultation with the Officers of the Special Tripartite Committee of the Maritime Labour Convention, with a view to adopting a resolution on these issues by correspondence, if so agreed by the Screening Group.

Following consultations, the Governing Body adopted by correspondence on 8 December 2020 the revised version of the draft resolution (GB.340/Resolution (Rev.2)) proposed by the Screening Group.

Written statements received when the resolution was adopted

Compilation of all statements received