GB.340/INS/8(Rev.1)/decision and related comments

Decision concerning the Report of the 14th African Regional Meeting (Abidjan, 3–6 December 2019)

Record of decisions | 22 October 2020
The Governing Body decided by correspondence to:

(a) draw the attention of ILO constituents, in particular those of the Africa region, to the Abidjan Declaration and its Implementation Plan by making the text available to:

(i) the governments of all member States, requesting them to communicate the text to national employers’ and workers’ organizations;

(ii) the official international organizations and non-governmental international organizations concerned;

(b) take the Abidjan Declaration and its Implementation Plan into consideration when implementing current programmes and in developing future programme and budget proposals.

(GB.340/INS/8 (Rev.1), paragraph 232)

Comment received when the decision was adopted