ILO disability inclusion policy and strategy

This document presents the rationale behind and a proposal on the structure and focus of an ILO policy on disability inclusion that reflects the commitment of the ILO to become a fully disability-inclusive organization. It also presents the framework of the multiannual strategies that would implement an ILO policy. It is being submitted with a view to implementing the recently adopted United Nations Disability Inclusion Strategy (UNDIS). The Governing Body is invited to request the Director-General to finalize and implement the ILO policy, taking into account its guidance. It is also invited to instruct the Office to put in place multiannual strategies to implement the policy, to conduct monitoring and to periodically report to the Governing Body on progress and areas for improvement and to request the Director-General to take into consideration its guidance in pursuing the ILO’s mandate to promote disability inclusion in the implementation of ILO strategic plans and the corresponding programmes and budgets, and in facilitating extrabudgetary resources (see the draft decision in paragraph 9). Note: The consideration of this item was deferred from the 338th Session (March 2020) of the Governing Body. This document is a revised version of GB.338/INS/8, updated with developments that have occurred since March 2020. Amendments have been made to paragraphs 7, 8 and 9(b).

Meeting document | 21 September 2020