Decision concerning the update on the status of ratification of the 1986 Instrument for the Amendment of the Constitution of the ILO and follow-up to paragraph 3 of the resolution on the ILO Centenary Declaration for the Future of Work

Record of decisions | 06 November 2019

In the light of the call of the International Labour Conference to “definitively democratize” the functioning and composition of the governing bodies of the ILO, the Governing Body decided:

(a) to request the Director-General to continue promotional efforts for the ratification of the 1986 constitutional amendment and to write to member States that have not yet ratified the 1986 instrument inviting them to respond to the call of the Centenary Conference to ratify the instrument, and report at future Governing Body sessions on the results obtained;

(b) to request the Director-General to present to the Governing Body at its 338th Session (March 2020), following tripartite consultations, proposals regarding the composition and mandate of a tripartite working group to serve as a platform for focused dialogue and for developing proposals on the full, equal and democratic participation in the ILO’s tripartite governance in the spirit of the Centenary Declaration; and

(c) to establish a tripartite working group on the basis of the proposals made in clause (b), which would present its first report to the Governing Body in November 2020.

(GB.337/INS/12/1(Rev.1), paragraph 13, as amended by the Governing Body)