A Fair Globalization, Making it Happen

The World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization released its Report, A Fair Globalization: Creating Opportunities for All, in February 2004. It is the first attempt at structured dialogue among representatives of constituencies with different interests and opinions on the social dimension of globalization, aimed at finding common ground on one of the most controversial and divisive subjects of our time.

The explicit mandate of the 26 personalities that made up the Commission was to examine the process of globalization through the eyes of ordinary people, drawing on extensive consultations with a broad range actors in different parts of the world, and some of the best available expertise on the many complex issues involved. The comprehensive analysis and set of recommendations contained in the Report constitute the foundations for a common platform for action, and the basis for future multi-stakeholder dialogue as an essential vehicle for cohesive and sustainable change.

This website is geared to facilitate the follow-up to the World Commission's Report by the myriad State and non-State actors that can help shape national and international governance processes towards a fair globalization-where rules and policies are centred on universally accepted values and around the needs and aspirations of ordinary people.