Follow-up Activities & Events

A variety of voices are pressing the case for change in the current process of globalization. The wide-ranging recommendations in the Report are a response to that demand. But there is no guarantee of consistent action without systematic follow-up to the recommendations made in the Report. It is essential to engage the commitment and sustained involvement of both State and non-State actors. In all cases, there is a central role for the multilateral system of the United Nations in animating and supporting the follow-up process as a whole.

The nature of globalization requires us, as an international community, to look beyond inter-governmental processes and nation States, to involve new actors and forces that can help find solutions. We need the energy, creativity and reach of the many networks of non-State actors that are already active, involving both business and civil society. We need to adapt international institutions to the realities of the new era. This means forming coalitions for change, often with partners well beyond the precincts of officialdom.

At the international level, the Report envisages follow-up action to be undertaken in two phases. The first phase would aim to publicize and build widespread awareness of and support for the proposals and objectives. The second phase would initiate action to change the current process of globalization in line with the policy recommendations in the Report.

As part of the first phase of action, all actors within the global community are encouraged to use this Report as a basis for discussion and analysis; to consider its policy proposals; to take up recommendations; and to develop plans for advocacy and action. In its work, the Commission has attempted to move from confrontation to dialogue. The Report provides a platform where consensus can be built to take the necessary corrective action.