The Future of Work in the European Auto Industry

An ILO study is currently underway focusing on the impact of future of work trends on the Portuguese automotive sector, namely on working conditions and employment.

The Permanent Mission of Portugal to the United Nations and other International Organizations in Geneva and ILO-Lisbon jointly organised, within the scope of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Council, the Webinar “The Future of Work in the European Automobile Industry”, on 23 June 2021 in Lisbon

The main objective of this initiative was to discuss the common challenges faced by the automotive industry in the EU countries and to contribute, in a comparative perspective, to the deepening of knowledge about the transformations that affect the sector.

The Webinar had the active participation of political decision-makers, experts and members of academia, and allowed the ILO to present the first results of the study that is being developed on the Portuguese case, as well as to collect contributions to its development.