June 2023

  1. Finland-ILO Cooperation

    23 June 2023

    Finland has been an ILO Member State since 1920 and is a key partner of the ILO in promoting the Decent Work Agenda. It has ratified 102 Conventions and four Protocols, including all ten Fundamental, all four Governance Conventions and 88 technical Conventions.

  2. Works on Domestic Workers (2020 – 2023)

    12 June 2023

  3. ILO Brief: Violations of fundamental principles and rights at work at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant and in Enerhodar city in Ukraine, temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation

    01 June 2023

    Ukrainian trade unions report that fundamental rights of Ukrainian workers in the areas temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation are frequently and repeatedly violated.

  4. ILO Office for Türkiye, June 2023 Newsletter

    01 June 2023

May 2023

  1. Reform of the economic assistance programme in Albania

    19 May 2023

April 2023

  1. An empirical assessment of the minimum wage for evidence-based social dialogue in the Republic of Moldova

    05 April 2023

    This report provides a detailed empirical analysis of wage distribution and wage policies in the Republic of Moldova in order to improve the minimum wage system so that it is more effective in raising the living standards of the population in the country.

  2. ILO Office for Türkiye, April 2023 Newsletter

    01 April 2023

March 2023

  1. The effects of the February 2023 earthquake on the labour market in Türkiye

    28 March 2023

  2. Social Security Status of Syrians Under Temporary Protection in the Turkish Labour Market and Recommendations for Transition to Formality

    27 March 2023

  3. Development Cooperation Projects by ILO Office for Türkiye 2018-2022

    23 March 2023