November 2022

  1. Support for Ukraine recovery−Introducing the ILO service offer 2022

    21 November 2022

    This document presents the service offer of the ILO for contributing to Ukraine Recovery and Reconstruction through decent work promotion. Based on the presence of the ILO in Ukraine since 1993, the paper specifies the technical service offer of the ILO for an early recovery of Ukraine focusing on mitigating the impact of the war against Ukraine on employment, social protection, rights at work, and social dialogue.

  2. ILO Ukraine response November 2022

    21 November 2022

    The twoüpager provides information on the impact of the war in Ukraine on employment, incomes and the social protection system, and what the ILO has done so far to support Ukraine.

  3. Hatay Reyhanlı Municipality Information Center

    15 November 2022

  4. Istanbul Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen of All Metallic Goods (IMESOB) Information Center

    15 November 2022

  5. An Integrated Model for the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labour in Seasonal Agriculture in Hazelnut Harvesting in Türkiye” Project May-August 2022 Newsletter

    15 November 2022

October 2022

  1. Peak-level social dialogue and COVID-19: The European experience

    11 October 2022

    This report outlines the role social dialogue played in designing response measures to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through six country case studies, it shows the value of social dialogue in times of crisis, and the pitfalls when dialogue did not take place.

September 2022

  1. Market Systems Approach for Decent Work in Ukraine - Sector Selection Report. Prioritising the pathway for vulnerable workers in economic reconstruction

    12 September 2022

August 2022

  1. Collective bargaining in seven European countries throughout the pandemic

    23 August 2022

    This Working Paper investigates developments in social dialogue and collective bargaining during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic in a selection of European countries.

  2. Istanbul Sultanbeyli Municipality Information Center

    17 August 2022

  3. ILO Office for Turkey, August 2022 Newsletter

    01 August 2022