June 2020

  1. An ILO for All Seasons-The International Labour Organization's Ways out of Crisis

    29 June 2020

    Over a hundred years, the ILO has developed International Labour Standards and Policy Responses to mitigate the effects of employment and social crises.The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how hasards move in a globalized world. It has highlighted the need to use the tools that are available for countering social and economic crises and securing the safety and health of workers. This book traces the development of these tools and the ways in which they have been successfully applied over the last hundred years.

  2. Portugal : Rapid assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and labour market

    26 June 2020

  3. COVID-19 and the World of Work: Rapid Assessment of the Employment Impacts and Policy Responses MONTENEGRO

    25 June 2020

    The report provides evidence that show that the lockdown measures had severe impacts on employment. It offers six policy options for the country for supporting enterprises, jobs and incomes during the reactivation phase.

  4. Towards an effective, influential and inclusive social dialogue in Ukraine

    10 June 2020

    The purpose of this Green Paper is to stimulate broad public discussion in Ukraine on how to improve the effectiveness, influence and inclusiveness of social dialogue.

  5. A comparative overview of drivers and outcomes of labour law and industrial relations reforms in selected Central and Eastern European countries

    08 June 2020

    This report seeks to provide a comparative overview of the policy goals and rationale which led to the reform of labour law and industrial relations systems, and the outcomes of these changes in law and practice, in selected CEE countries.

May 2020

  1. ILO Office for Turkey, May 2020 Newsletter

    01 May 2020

April 2020

  1. Family-friendly policies and other good workplace practices in the context of COVID-19: Key steps employers can take

    16 April 2020

  2. ILO Office for Turkey, April 2020 Newsletter

    01 April 2020

March 2020

  1. Transition to Formality Programme (KIGEP) Informative Brochure

    23 March 2020

  2. Syrian Refugees in the Turkish Labour Market

    16 March 2020

    This report aims, precisely, at filling the information gap by providing statistics on Syrians' living and working conditions, on possible internal migration patterns and on the impact of providing refugees with work permits.