1. Newsletter for the 12th Regional Seminar on Labour Intensive Practices - Issue 1

    09 October 2007

    Daily Seminar Newspaper Issue No. 1, October 9, 2007

  2. Analysis of the State of Labour-Based Technology in Zambia: A Review of Current Practice since 2005

    01 September 2007

    The key purpose for this report is to provide a situational analysis of the state of affairs in terms of labour-based works and to analyse and review the progress made in Zambia since the year 2005 based on the Mombasa Statement. It describes in some of the constraints that are likely to slow down progress of labour-based approaches (LBA) and provides some recommendations for Zambia.

  3. Decent work and poverty reduction strategies

    01 August 2007

  4. Flexibility and security in labour markets of developing countries : in search of decent work for all

    01 June 2007

    Employment Policy Paper 2007/6

  5. Young people’s transition to decent work : evidence from Kosovo

    01 May 2007

    Employment Policy Paper 2007/4

  6. The school-to-work transition of young people in Syria

    01 April 2007

    Employment Policy Paper 2007/3

  7. School-to-work transition: Evidence from Egypt

    01 March 2007

    Employment Policy Paper 2007/2

  8. Labour market flexibility, employment and income insecurity in Ghana

    01 February 2007

    Employment Policy Paper 2007/1

  9. Rural Road Maintenance, Sustaining the Benefits of Improved Access

    01 January 2007

    Socio-Economic Technical Papers (SETP) No. 19


  1. Bituminous Surfacing Options for Low Volume Roads Constructed by Labour-Based Methods

    10 October 2006

  2. ASIST Bulletin No. 20

    01 September 2006

    Bi-annual newsletter containing articles and news on labour-based activities in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

  3. Philippines infrastructure for rural productivity enhancement: Tools for identifying rural infrastructure investment priorities

    01 January 2006

    Rural Access Technical Papers (RATP) No. 14

  4. Integrated Rural Accessibility Planning (IRAP) in Mongolia

    01 January 2006

    Rural Access Technical Papers (RATP) No. 15

  5. Increased application of labour-based methods through appropriate engineering standards: Regional Report

    01 January 2006


  1. Study on employment aspects of slum upgrading practices and opportunities identified in two South African case studies

    01 December 2005

  2. A study to assess the evidence base and methodologies for poverty reduction impact assessment in EIIP/ASIST Africa Programme

    01 December 2005

  3. Situation Analysis of Rural Road Maintenance in Madhya Pradesh - Volume I: Strategy Elements and Options for Reforms

    01 November 2005

  4. Situation Analysis of Rural Road Maintenance in Madhya Pradesh - Volume II: Policy, Institutional and Financial Aspects

    01 November 2005

  5. Mainstreaming gender into the global employment agenda

    01 November 2005

  6. Community contracting and organisational practices in rural areas

    01 November 2005