Role of the Central Government in the decentralization process of rural infrastructure development

“Using Infrastructure Development as a Strategy for Employment Creation and Poverty Alleviation” Workshop report

A participatory workshop on “Using infrastructure development as a strategy for employment creation and poverty alleviation” took place at the Mandarin Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia, on November 13 and 14 2001. Organized by ILO Jakarta and ASIST-AP, in collaboration with Kimpraswil and other key actors in Indonesia, the workshop aimed to explore the priorities and strategies for using infrastructure development to create employment and alleviate poverty.
This report presents the main findings of the workshop, which will be used in future dialogue
between the ILO and Government agencies and other organizations in Indonesia, in the framework of a strategy to create employment and alleviate poverty through infrastructure development and maintenance in Indonesia. As Mr Hermanto Dardak, Head of the Planning Bureau at KIMPRASWIL, confirmed in his closing speech, the future strategy in Indonesia will be to integrate labor-based technology into normative programs, and the support of ILO-ASIST in this endeavor will be very welcome.