Module 8

Occupational Health & Safety, Environmental Issues and Decent Work - Rural Road Maintenance Training Modules for Contractors

The training modules broadly cover the principles for maintenance management of rural roads, planning and execution of common maintenance interventions to ensure reliable transport services and safety to users and the local communities served by the rural roads, and arrangements for monitoring the performance of contractors engaged for the task.

Material de enseñanza | 1 de octubre de 2015
• Occupational health and safety in rural road maintenance works
• Environmental issues relating to road works
• Some laws concerning HSE in India
Learning Objective:
At the end of this Module you are expected:
• To be able to identify the occupational health issues and mitigation measures
• To be able to identify the safety issues at road maintenance worksites and mitigation measures
• Temporary road signs used during road maintenance works
• To be able to identify the environmental issues arising out of road maintenance and mitigation measures
• To be aware of laws in place in India concerning Health, Safety and Environmental issues