Development and Investment (DEVINVEST)

The Development and Investment Branch is promoting employment-intensive investment strategies, economic diversification and structural change for enhancing employment and productivity growth. It develops programmes to maximize the employment impact of trade and sectoral policies including in infrastructure.

The work includes the development of approaches for employment and productivity enhancements in the rural economy and the development of integrated policies and guidelines to facilitate transitions to formality.

Public Employment Programmes which are part and parcel of Social Protection Floors, offer employment and income security to un- and under-employed people and in particular disadvantaged and vulnerable groups.

DEVINVEST support employment-centred policies in Fragile States countries recovering from conflicts and building resilience.

Key resources

  1. Report

    Women and men in the informal economy: A statistical picture. Third edition

    30 April 2018

    This publication provides for the first time comparable estimates on the size of the informal economy and a statistical profile of informality in all its diversity at the global and regional levels.