Employment-intensive investment Programme

The Employment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) is delivered through the Employment Intensive Investment Branch (EMP/INVEST) of the ILO headquarters, the ILO field offices and through the ASIST programmes in Africa and Asia.

The EIIP approach is promoted together with the partners of the EIIP programme. These consist of the ILO constituents (governments and workers' and employers' organisations in the countries that are members of the ILO), and the donors and international financing institutions that develop infrastructure investment and employment programmes in the countries concerned.

The EIIP’s major lines of action are:

  1. to contribute to mainstream development policy by placing key concerns of job creation, poverty reduction, enterprise promotion and improvement of working conditions in the broader framework of nationally defined macro-economic employment and investment policy, and
  2. to promote employment-intensive works and public employment programmes in times of social and economic hardship and crisis.

Over forty years of experience in over seventy countries, linking employment with infrastructure development, has endowed the Employment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) with a unique and vast portfolio of both productive employment creation for economic development and social protection, as well as environmental measures for natural resources restoration, management and climate change adaptation. The EIIP promotes the orientation of infrastructure investments in the following ways:

  • At the macro level by providing advice to requesting governments in the design and assessments of the employment impact of infrastructure investments and on active labour market and employment policies. At the national level the Programme works on the creation of an enabling environment, through raising awareness, promoting appropriate policies and legislation, and building capacity.
  • At the meso level, the Programme works on institutional development and capacity building; and with the private sector and civil society, to guarantee the successful implementation of employment-intensive infrastructure programmes.
  • At the micro level, the Programme works at the municipal or community level through active local-level planning and community contracting to create the maximum number of productive jobs with labour-based technologies. At a community level, the EIIP works on improving communities’ capacities for organization and negotiation to execute projects under Decent Working conditions.