Employment-Intensive Investment Unit (EMP/INVEST)

The Employment-Intensive Investment Unit (EMP/INVEST) is responsible for:

(1) Supporting the work of the Employment-Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) and providing technical advice to the ILO tripartite constituents, the private sector and community associations in maximizing the economic benefits of infrastructure development projects in support to the priorities defined in the Decent Work Country Programmes.

(2) Contributing to mainstream development policy by placing the key concerns of job creation, poverty reduction, enterprise promotion and improvement of working conditions in the broader framework of nationally defined macro-economic employment and investment policy

(3) Promoting employment-intensive public works in times of the current financial and economic crisis

All of this is pursued through knowledge building, policy advice, advocacy, capacity-building and technical cooperation.

EMP/INVEST systematically engages with key ministries to promote employment generation in various productive sectors and collaborates extensively with key technical line ministries (Labour, Public Works, Environment, and various Social Sectors, etc.) to demonstrate how investments can be turned into local employment and incomes, as well as enhanced skills and capacities.