Employment Policy Department

The Department is responsible for promoting full and productive employment by developing integrated employment, development and skills policies that are inclusive, gender sensitive and sustainable. The work of the Department is guided by relevant ILO Conventions and Recommendations, robust analysis and evidence.

At the global level, the Department promotes policy frameworks and partnerships that aim at generating more quality employment opportunities, and contributes to and advocates for knowledge and capacity building on employment-related issues. At the country level, we support ILO constituents to develop, implement and monitor coordinated and context specific policies and programmes for more and better jobs, with a particular focus on vulnerable groups.

The Department includes three branches: Skills and Employability; Employment and Labour Market Policies; and Development and Investment.


  1. News

    Employment Policy Department at the 2018 International Labour Conference (Slideshow)

    07 June 2018

    Representatives of the ILO's Employment Policy Department met with delegates at the 107th ILC on 6 June to share knowledge and information on a range of publications, tools and guides on policies and programmes that promote quality job creation through economic diversification and investment strategies, skills development and labour market policies.

  2. Article

    107th International Labour Conference: Facebook interviews

    04 June 2018

    Facebook interviews featuring representatives of the ILO Employment Policy Department.

  3. International Training Centre of the ILO

    Academy on Youth Employment

    The 2-week Youth Employment Academy, hosted by the ILO's Turin Centre, enhances the capacity of labour market practitioners to develop comprehensive strategies to tackle the multifaceted dimensions of the youth employment challenge.

  4. Article

    A tremendous challenge: More than 61 per cent of the world’s employed population make their living in the informal economy

    21 May 2018

  5. Publication

    The regulation of internships: A comparative study

    18 May 2018

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 240

  6. Publication

    Macroeconomic policy, inclusive growth and productive employment in Uganda

    18 May 2018

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 244

  7. Article

    ILO hosts conference on Innovations for Decent Jobs for Youth

    15 May 2018